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лотерея осенняя #2 ^__________^


мне понравилось делать лотерею, поэтому еще одна, на этот раз с Boo! тыквой

и три набора открыток с моими фотографиями по четыре разных в каждом .)

условия: вы делаете перепост этой записи и присылаете ссылку в комментарии к ней. если вы запостите не только на дайри, но и на жж или в контакте, или fb, - я зачту это за отдельную запись, то есть я буду считать по ссылкам .)

однако я буду проверять все ссылки (:Р), чтобы никто не мухлевал с пустыми аккаунтами

30ого открября в полночь прием ссылок прекращается, результаты я объявлю 31ого в 10 утра

я случайным образом вытяну 4 номера - первый получит тыковку, а остальные три - открытки.

и отправлю в любой конец земли!

еще две фотки нашего главного призаCollapse )

всем удачи ^___^


Jan. 28th, 2013

I have such a long way to go. But when my dearest person tells me "Let your support become my corage"...
It is one thing with which all the life is worth living.
Yesterday I was faced with the question about abortion. This was not about ethics or possibilities. This was not about "Must I give birth to the unplanned child?". This is exactly about "Must I have an abortion if my child is unplanned".
There are many important things to think about. Will the father raise this child with me, or will I be all alone? If no - will I be able to raise him alone? Can I earn enough money to raise my child? Wil I be physically able to raise him?
And if all the answers are "Yes", there is one more very important question. I am young, I am still not an experienced adult myself, will I be able to raise this child not for him being simply an "Adult", but for him being a happy person. A person who will live his life happily and with dignity. 
For me it doesn’t really seem to be connected with the age. There are good mothers, who are 20 years old and there are really bad ones that are 27. There is no answer.
Actually it is the same question as Kyoko-san ("Fruit's basket", Toohru's mother) faced.
"I don't have a confidence to have... a baby. I'd be... happy to have your child, but would that child be "human"..? Do I..? Do I really have the capacity to give birth to a human? I can't even be kind enough for myself to say I've lived a good life. How can I have a human child? How can I raise a child? And what would I do if my child became unhappy because of me..? If she is bullied because of me? And gets hurt and cried what would I do...!? What if she tells me that she never wanted me for a mother..."
For me this is the hardest things in this problem. Actually I can't explain how scary is this question for me. I don't know is it only me who feels it that way. Isn't that the scariest? Not being sure you can give birth and  raise a human child whose life will be happy?
And will you, you and nobody else be strong enough to know the child is crying, unhappy, angry and you are not able to help? Can you forget about your egoism for him and not regret it?
This is the hardest, the scariest and actually - one the most important things to consider.
It is not  important - are you 19, 22, 27 or 35, is your child planned or not. Will you try if you understand that this is not a game and there will be no other chance for you or your child. And can you take responsibility for this decision upon your shoulders? 
That was important for me to write.


 This damn feeling, when everything is perfect and then, suddenly it becomes... Like broken.Like here your happiness is not available, it is real world.
I schuld remember ont simple thing - just do not think about how you want things to happen - they will not. Do not imagine, you will fail, and again everything will be wrong.
Ich möchte nicht lernen. Ich möchte nicht Gitarre spielen. Ich möchte Terry Pratchett lesen und schlafen. Und ein bisschen möchte ich singen.
Ich werde in diesem Blog auf Englisch, Deutsch und Japanisch schreiben, weil ich mich verbessern möchte. Und meine Freunde werden meinen Texte kontrollieren.
Kann man einen Satz nicht mit "Ich" beginnen?
Das ist eine gute Frage!

Da ich nichts machen möchte, schreibe ich diesen Text.


There are no words in any language I know to describe my sufferings. Well, I'm lying. There are.

Actually I'm just sitting and listening to a lecture about advertising. My biggest problems are absolutely boring lecture, and me being sleepy and not having a book to make my living a bit more interesting.

Should I sleep or listen? I don't know. That is why I'm writing here.

My English is even more horrible, than I thought. I guess I should read in it more (Terry Prattchet for example) and write here, until my editor kill me. It means eternally, for her being calm as a dead boa.

When I were in Moscow these weekend I watched a film named "Hogfather". It was so... So amazing. So nice characters, so... Hearty story. I guess I will watch it again before New Year. I have some films, which I like to watch in December. For example "Love Actually". And the second part of the film "What men talk about". I guess, “Hogfather” will be another one.

I have another two tedious lectures. And two packs of cookies. If I give cookies to the teachers, will they teach less boring? I guess they won't.

Yup, you are right: there is no sense in this text. 


Mar. 29th, 2012

Well, finally I have something to say.

I decided not to leave this page empty and use it to practice all my three foreign languages: English, Japanese and German. Because not only I have some problem with understanding, but with expressing my mind as well.
I'm sorry in advance for all mistakes I will make in my texts. Actually all of them will be edited by my friends, but later.
Thought this was just an introduction. Actually I want to talk about literature.
In my university I listen four courses offoreign literature:
History of foreign literature: medieval time.
HFL: 19th century
HFL: 20th century
History of Latin America literature.
This is quite an extraordinary blend. I don't know what to read and I can't read everything at once. I should read Proust for my exam, but I don' t want to. At least because 20th century is to tough to understand. It’s not a good time to read it now, for I think I'm not ready for them. 
There are just so many, too many things to read and to know, that all my life is not enough. 
The medieval literature in Europe is the very beginning. Of course I mean Celt’s, Island’s and other eposes. Well, actually we should begin from early history and mythology, but epos is enough. The epos and the religious literature (for example texts, which were written by the Fathers of the Church) are the basis. The novel could not be born without them. Actually it can't be adequately read without them. I want to emphasize that by "adequately" I mean philological reading with all the shades. And without understanding of the romantic and realistic traditions, we can't study the 20th century.
No, we can read, we can like it, we can see it in our own perspective. But we can't study it to see the author, not the text. And I want to do so. And at the same time I want to see the text and myself through the text. And for that I should read without preparations.
I guess I want to be a philologist. Or I want to study Japan. Or to be economist?
I don't like the way I write in English and the way I write about literature. I guess I should improve both. I guess I will.
But for the beginning this is enough.
Здравствуйте все.
На самом деле этот аккаунт в ЖЖ появился ровно постольку, поскольку ежеутренне проверять фрэнд-ленту, тыкая в названия всех читаемых на этом ресурсе дневников, откровенно задолбало. Поэтому я решила упростить себе жизнь.
Дневник Белого Кролика живет на дайриках, и никуда оттуда переезжать не собирается. http://www.diary.ru/~diaryofwhiterabbit/
А аккаунт пусть будет, хороший же аккаунт.